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The first in an installment of monthly salons, co-curated with Joshua Byron, to create art, community, friendship, and to showcase really cool art of various concepts and media.

Exploring meditations on precarious looking and the threshold of the uncomfortable, we question: how do we overshare ourselves? What constitutes oversharing? What constitutes appropriate sharing? Do moments of oversharing create ties that bind or do they divide?

Often folks get told sharing feelings does not have a place in public spaces. In order to agitate we attempt to locate this threshold through poetry, collage, sculpture, performance, installation, video, comics, diaries, zines, and book making.

Different people have different access to being allowed to share in a culture of memoir and confession. But some people share anyway.


Featured artists: Matthew Batty, Joshua Byron, Rachel de Cuba, Reilly Gallogly, Annabella Habegger, Rose Harding, Colton Hendon, Lily Lalios, Mary Luncsford, Jacob Metzger, Rachel Miller, Allie Russell, Sydney Spencer, and Kevin Weinberg

This project and exhibition was written about in the Indiana Daily Student, you can read it here.

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