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The third installment of the monthly exhibition series SALON by Joshua Byron and Rose Harding. Creating art, community, friendship, and showcasing beautiful art of various concentrations and media. 

For our third art extravaganza, we ask you to consider the dark parts of our world. The ugly parts. The scary parts. What are you afraid of? In yourself, others, or the world around us? In the dark of night, things make us scared- for better or worse- things about ourselves we don’t like. Things in the world that make us angry. Things we find ugly or unattractive, or just evil. Explore these. Prod these shadows. 

Featuring sculpture, video, and two-dimensional mixed media works by:
Kate Burnet, Reilly Gallogy, Gabriela Garcia, Aaron Green, Annabella Habegger, Mary Luncsford, Lucas Sowders, Linda Tien, Kevin Weinberg, Dan Woerner, Ben Zumbrun

“I will take the dark part of your heart into my heart”, “Dark Parts” ~ Perfume Genius

For this show, viewers navigated the space via flashlight, the photographs below are meant to emulate that experience, photos in full light are available upon request.

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