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(girl)(woman)hood is a continuous experience of contradictions and complexities. my (girl)(woman)hood places me out of my own body I am not myself.I forget myself, with hope and longing, I destroy things:actions are a series of reconciliations between expectations of my(girl)(woman)hood and my disassociation and dissonance with those expectations, caught in the space between becoming and unbecoming, the space of (girl)(woman)hood

untitled (navigation of a body)



girl, lake, camera person, digital video

(filmed on macbook pro)


(from exhibition, (girl)(woman)hood)

watching her



girl, headphones, song, ipod, digital video

(filmed on macbook pro)

romance was invented to ruin my life



girl, ground


(from the exhibition, it's hard to see things simply)

maybe if i go right



girl, ove glove, cactus, tweezer, nail polish, self criticism

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