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text accompaniment to (girl)(woman)hood

something about the horizon - click here for sounds


amplifier, blue paint, guitar, more blue paint, oscilating fan, some more blue paint, fabric painted blue, safety pin

(girl)(woman)hood is a continuous experience of contradictions and complexities. my (girl)(woman)hood places me out of my own body I am not myself.I forget myself, with hope and longing,I destroy myself. my things:actions are a series of reconciliations between expectations of my (girl)(woman)hood and my disassociation and dissonance with those expectations, caught in the space between becoming and unbecoming, the space of (girl)(woman)hood

my space/ our space



shag carpet, water, blue the color of deep water

girl dreaming (ii) - click here for sounds



two guitars, two fans, two fleshy chairs, two amplifiers, two earrings, power strip

untitled (navigation of a body) - click here to watch her



girl, lake, digital video, camera person


(from exhibition, (girl)(woman)hood)


girl dreaming (ii)



alternate installation with bath mats

(from exhibition, (sp?)ecific)

girl dreaming (i)



one amplifier, one guitar, one electric fan, on earring, two fleshy chairs, extension chord, ribbons

the sound of wind is so poetic (v) - click here to listen



five guitars tuned by owners, five amplifiers, five chairs, five electric fans, five scarves, five pairs of earrings, extension chords


(from exhibition, it's hard to see things simply)

the sound of wind is so poetic (i)



guitar, amplifier, fan, chair, scarf

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