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Co-curated with Joshua Byron, NO BULLSHIT was a call for artists and filmmakers (who are not straight cis white men) (you are not bad people this just isn't about you right now). The show aimed to create a space for those who may not have been afforded the privileges others are lucky enough to possess. The co-curators do not claim to speak for all those included in the show nor is this a comprehensive collection of queer folks, people of color, or women artists in the area. It is merely a way of giving that art a space. 

Some art specifically addressed issues of identity and some did not. We did not want to essentialize or limit artists in relation to their work. 


Featured artists: Jenna Beasley, Jeron Braxton, Joshua Byron, Alexander Doane, Francisco Magdaleno Flores, Reilly Gallogly, Rachel Garastik, Annabella Habegger, Rose Harding, Colton Hendon, Kristy Hughes, Nzingha Kendall, Jade Leetz, Mackenzie Loosemore, Jacob Metzger, Ana Meza, Ashley Moog, Lynnette Sauer, Kordula Schild, Liz Scofield, Rebecca Thomas, Linda Tien, Abbey Walker, Emily Weihing, and Autumn Wright


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